Major Donations to the Aid Fund
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We thank the following for their large bequests and contributions in 2014:
Marjorie Sue Carlson

The Chicago Retired Teachers Aid Fund gratefully acknowledges a bequest received November 10, 2014, from the estate of the late Marjorie Sue Carlson who passed away on January 3, 2014.  Ms. Carlson’s generous gift enables CRTAF to provide grants-in-aid to a number of grantees in the year ahead. Gifts such as Ms. Carlson’s have enabled CRTAF to assist former colleagues with modest pensions since RTAC’s benevolent sister organization was established in 1951.  Ms. Carlson’s legacy reflects her lifelong generosity and concern for her fellow colleagues. She began her career at Funston Elementary in 1954.  She also taught at Gray and Monroe. She retired in 1986 and joined RTAC that same year. Throughout her 27 years of retirement she contributed regularly to the Chicago Retired Teachers Aid Fund.  CRTAF is appreciative of Ms. Carlson’s ongoing generosity throughout her lifetime as well as her personal commemoration of her passing. May her memory remain as a blessing and an inspiration to those of us who recall her thoughtfulness and caring spirit as well as those who are the beneficiaries of her generosity.

We thank the following for their large bequests and contributions in 2013:
Janet Koziol
Ms. Koziol was a retired teacher and the last survivor of her family.  She bequeathed the proceeds from her CTPF death benefit policy to the Aid Fund.  Ms. Koziol passed on May 23, 2007.  She retired from  Chopin Elementary in 1976 after a 33-year career.
Eva Archer
Mrs. Archer generously bequeathed her CTPF contributions to CRTAF. After her passing in 1999, Mrs. Archer’s husband, Raymond, indicated that she wanted her contributions used to assist other former teachers.  Mrs. Archer worked in the Chicago Public Schools from1963-1968.
Ronald Pastryk
Mr. Pastryk generously made a sizable donation to the Aid fund.
“We are most grateful and appreciative to all who support the Aid Fund,” said Executive Director Arlene R . Crandall. “All tax-deductible bequests honor the spirit of the donor, and provide vital budget relief for our program. May the memories of Janet Koziol, Eva Archer and Ronald Pastryk, three generous former colleagues, always remain with us as a blessing.”

We thank the following for their large bequests and contributions to the Aid Fund in 2012:

Amanda Moloney trust;
Beatrice J. Burchfield (bequest);
Florence M. Devenish (memory of Teresa, Lucille and Frances);
Frances H. Knaphurst, trust;
Frances K. Dykes, estate;
Helen Marietta Smith, trust;
Helene Gonska, estate;
Hugh A. Gammel, estate;
Irene E. Johanes, estate;
Kappa Chapter--Delta Kappa Gamma;
Lillian Treka, trust;
Lois J. Hinkle, estate;
Loren C. Aspel, trust;
Louise E. Christensen (memory of Bernice Boye);
Mildred L. Mueller, trust;
Nate Blackman (memory of Mamie);
Phi Delta Kappa of Chicago State University;
Phoenix, Arizona Chapter of RTAC;
Pruitt Conner Family Trust (Elberta Pruitt);
Rita Levy, trust;
Shirley Klaper estate;
Southern California Chapter of RTAC

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